Either you are self-learning German or you are taking a course, testing what you have learned is very important to get a feedback on what your weaknesses and your strengths are.

In particular if you are self learning it and don’t have a teacher correcting your mistakes, you want to do as much test as possible to verify your new learn.

On Studio Navivo|German course in Munich you have a homework collection to test your level of proficiency.

Exercises are divided in levels, from A1 to C2. Click on the level you are interested in, to land to the page containing the exercises of the given level.

All exercises have the corresponding solution in the page.

Very important are the listening test, they can be divided in two categories:

  1. Comprehension test, you need to understand the meaning of what you hear, then answer the questions related to the audio. If you don’t understand a word is not a dramatic fault provided you get the general meaning of the sentence.
  2. Dictation test, you have to focus on understanding any single word and write it down. At the end compare with the audio transcription.

All audio test have the corresponding transcription.