During a typical German lesson we focus on the different areas of the language learning:

  • grammar,
  • talking,
  • text comprehension,
  • text production.

Talking shows your ability to build up a sentence using the grammar concepts and learned lexicon we have seen before.

On the other side, you need to understand your interlocutor to talk with him, here we come to text comprehension. There are different ways to exercise you ability to understand the language.

For example, talking with a person you don’t need to understand every single word that person says, usually the meaning of the discussion is understandable just picking out some words of the dialogue. Then you have to move your focus on the answer. Like in the picture.

An example how German listening works | Studio NaVivo Munich

A dictation is a completely different exercise, even if still involving audio and text comprehension. It is perfect to verify the comprehension of German as you need to understand each word, if you don’t understand something stop and hear it again.

When you write something be sure that the grammar is correct, so it is useful also as a proof of your grammar understanding.

Unfortunately there is not much time to do a dictation during the lesson, but you can catch up here with the homework I propose.

Here the listening homework:

Here is a list of the dictation homework in my website:

If you like this kind of exercises just leave me a comment below and I will add more.