Willkommen to my website, my name is Giulia, I offer German courses in Munich.

In this page you are going to find some information about learning German as a foreign language and in general about my German language courses.


Either you are in Germany for vacation or you just moved here, you probably realized that speaking the language can give you the boost you need to integrate yourself into the social and working environment. Eventually, you might decide to take a language course, especially if you plan to stay longer.

There are many possible ways to learn. You can have individual lessons (Singlekurs or Privatkurs), lessons for the couple (Paarkurs), or a group (Gruppenkurs). Spoiled for choice, die Qual der Wahl!

For those who are not in a hurry to learn the language, a course in a class is the most appropriate choice. It is possible to follow a class in one of the many language schools.

I’ve taught in language schools for a few years. It’s a positive learning experience for the most language learners but there’s a catch.

The drawback of many class is that often there are too many students and the level of the students is too heterogeneous to be effective.

You can see the difference between a classroom and a private course in the drawing below.

Private courses

A more efficient and fastest way to learn a new language is with an experienced German language tutor dedicated to you only! This way she can adapt the lessons to your needs. You can be sure you will learn the language at an incredibly higher speed compared to a group course.

Only in a private lesson, the teacher can help you with the many grammar traps of the German language.

Even better, the teacher has the time to help you with the pronunciation. That is usually neglected in a normal course for time reasons.

This said I don’t want to deceive you, this is a very difficult language. Learn it requires effort, time, and commitment.

The level of my classes

We are going to build your German language skills from the ground up.

Starting from a complete beginner level A1 we improve your grammar knowledge and your comprehension step by step.

Breaking the ice or achieving a good fluency with the German language, having a target is important. Simply define your target, otherwise let’s do it together.

My lessons cover all the levels of the European framework of reference starting from A1 and up to C2. In particular:

  • levels A1 and A2 give the basics of the grammar and provide a basic vocabulary to form easy sentences.
  • levels B1 and B2 are aimed to develop the vocabulary of the student and consolidate his grammar knowledge.
  • levels C1 and C2 are very much focused on conversation, very often we are going to discuss subjects hinted by the news and read a text of higher level.

Language test preparation

I offer course for the preparation of German language tests. There are many of them, if you want an overview you find it on my page German language tests.

Foe example, I prepared many students tu the testDAF, the test is required to access many German universities. If you never heard about, DAF stands for Deutsch Als Fremdsprache (German as a foreign language).

Although is possible to take the test only in licensed schools, you can do the preparation with me, then I can get you in contact with school I collaborate with.


  • Each lesson unit lasts for 45 minutes and costs 42€.
    It can be booked in a group of 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, or 20 lessons of 45 minutes each. The prices are shown in the table below.
Option Number
of lessons*
Total cost (€)
A 2 84 €
B 4 168 €
C 8 336 €
D 12 504 €
E 16 672 €
F 20 840 €
(5% discount)
*1 lesson lasts 45 minutes and costs 42€
  • For the couple course (2 people) a 45 minutes lesson costs 30€ per person.
    It can be booked in a series of 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 or, 20 lessons of 45 minutes each. In the table below, you find the price for a complete course, please note that the prices are per person.
Option Number
of lessons*
Total cost
EUR per person
A 2 60 €
B 4 120 €
C 8 240 €
D 12 360 €
E 16 480 €
F 20 540 €
(10% discount)
*1 lesson lasts 45 minutes and costs 30€ per person

As you see in the tables above with the booking of option F (20 hours) there is a price reduction of 10%.

When to have lesson

My lesson time goes from 10:00am to 8:00pm, with a lunch break from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

You can spread the lessons you have payed for, how you like. Two times a week or once a month is your choice only, depending on how much time you want to dedicate to learning German.

Of course you can also have an intensive course for a full immersion learning experience. This is often an option for who is in Munich for a short time only.

Where are the lessons

All my language courses take place in my apartment in Munich, in the area of Laim, in the west side of Munich.

German class in Munich Laim


If you are considering the possibility to book a private course with me, please hold on a moment and decide after a free 45 min. lesson.

In this free try out, besides giving you an example of a real lesson, I assess your level. At the end of it, I will suggest you the level you should go for.

Besides, I explain all the details of the course and the booking.

After the free lesson, you can decide at your pace if you want to book or not. In each case, the trial lesson is free of charge.

To book a lesson go to the contact page.