Übung Deutsch. A1. Akkusativ oder Dativ

German declension is one of the most difficult and often recurring topics of any German course. Here you have one more opportunity to test if you got how the cases work.

As usual a last recommendation, if you’ve found out you have a problem with this topic feel free to visit my page about my German course in Munich.

Übung Deutsch – A1- Akkusativ oder Dativ

One of the topic German learners have most difficult with: accusative and dative.
Check to see if you are one of those, in that case I suggest to have a look to my German class.

Verben + Akkusativ: Wen oder Was?
Verben + Dativ: Wem?

Übung – Niveau A1 – Zahlentraining

One of the first subjects of an A1 German course are numbers. Usually there are no problems with this subject, still one has to get used to the number inversion in a 2-digit number.

German dictation, level A1

In this audio you have a small dictation of German, it is an A1, it’s read quite slow, I hope you don’t have problem with it. If it is too fast or too slow leave me a comment I’ll try to improve for the next audio.
This is offered to you by Studio NaVivo Munich, if you like it share with your friends.

Verbs with prepositions

One of the most important points in German grammar is that are not just “ normal verbs”, like e.g. heißen, wohnen or kaufen but also verbs that require a certain preposition after it. There three different categories to distinguish: One of the most important points in German grammar is that...