The first thing you will do arriving in Munich is of course find a German course to start getting grip on the language.

By far less important, in the second place of the most important things to do is to find a place where to live. While I focused on the first point throughout all the website, on this post I’m going to help you with the search of an apartment.

While the search of an apartment in Germany is a similar process like in all other parts of the word, there is one topic in particular that cause headache to the people searching. And is, no need to say, related to the German language.

I’m talking about the abbreviations in real estate ads. If you happen to read a newspaper with ads you have already seen a mess of abbreviations and acronyms that make reading ads a real challenge for the fresh arrived Münchners.

To be honest these day search on Internet is very much diffused, at least in a big city like Munich, and on real estate portals there isn’t the need anymore to shorten names and expressions, still old styled people like the concise style ads.

To help you to find your way in this mess this is a list of the abbreviations you can find in a typical search of an apartment to rent.