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For a birthday or another important celebration a course of German or Italian is a gift always accepted with enthusiasm, success is guaranteed!

A gift different, original and unexpected that gives who receive it the opportunity to take part to a funny and useful activity, to acquire a skill that will be with him the whole life.

The price goes from 80€ for a single lessons of German or Italian up to 720€ for a 20 lessons course, the bestseller of language courses. Solutions for all the budget to give you plenty of choices.

A voucher for a language course gives you some flexibility:

  • If the person who receive it want to take part to a different course he has to just tell the teacher. A voucher is a credit of a fixed amount and can be used for any course.
  • If the cost of the course is less than the value of the voucher, the value of the voucher will be updated and the remaining credit can be used for another course. On the contrary, if the value of the course is higher than voucher credit it’s sufficient to pay the difference.

How to give away a language course

You have to:

  1. Consult my offer of available German and Italian courses to find the one you wish to give away. In alternative is possible to buy a voucher without deciding upfront for which course it is.
  2. Contact me per email or via phone to agree on the content of the gift and a date to pick up or alternatively a postal delivery.
  3. Or, instead of point 2, pay with Paypal in the bottom of the page, and in a few minutes you will get per email the voucher you bought.

Pick up the voucher

  • If you can come to my apartment you can retire the voucher here and pay cash.
  • If you cannot come you can pay via a bank transfer and I will send you the voucher via post as soon as the money are in my bank account (usually 1 to 4 days).
  • If the voucher has been bought with Paypal, you will get a confirmation of the received payment and, if you wish, you will get the voucher per email. Otherwise you can pick it up in my apartment or have it delivered per post.

Voucher have no expiration dates.