It’s difficult to find rules that work for everybody because anyone has his own way to learn things. Only one thing is true for everybody: master the German language requires a lot of dedication and motivation. Even the most talented in learning languages might struggle with German.

Here you go with my tips:

  1. Exercise and practice. Use any spare time to improve.
  2. Listen as much as you can. Try to catch the most intimate sound of the language. Listen to TV, radio, YouTube videos, buy DVD in German with subtitles in German and other languages you know.
  3. Try to switch your mind completely to German. Think everything in German.
  4. Have a small vocabulary always with you. Even better a single language vocabulary. See something? Find its name in German. Thought something else? Say it in German. It’s clear you don’t have immediate feedback, but this will come.
  5. Take a good German course. They are well-spent money.
  6. Find some local who master the language and is available to give you some help (feedback, see number 4).
  7. Talk. Don’t be afraid to do mistakes, at some point someone will come to rescue you with corrections and help.
  8. There is no magic formula only hard work and sweat.

tips to learn German faster

These are some very basic tips I hope are useful for you.

If you find that all your effort is not helping maybe the professional help of a teacher is what you need, don’t hesitate to contact me to ask help or suggestion or even to set-up a free try-out of German. Here you go to my German course in Munich.