There are many resources to learn German online and for free. I don’t think you can get to the point to speak the language with those only, but for sure is a perfect addition for your learning.

Ideally you will take a course in a language school and in your spare time you can enjoy some basic vocabulary, like Schlittschuhlaufen, Eichhörnchen, Streichholzschachtel and Rechtschreibung.

For example during the commute work-home you can take the chance to develop your vocabulary or make some exercises to refresh the new grammar you have seen in your German course.

These resources are good also for those who wants to have only an overview of the German language.

Here is the list:

  1. Babbel
    learn german onlineIt is not free but the cost is convenient.With this course is possible to get an overview of German, with basic vocabulary and possibility to make a simple conversation.
    Very useful is also the app, it works also offline, and offers a review of the vocabulary and all the material available on the web.
  1. BBC – Language German
    BBC German courses to learn German online On the website of the BBC there are resources to learn different languages, including German and Italian.
    Among the other resources the videos of Henning Wehn
    Henning is a German comedian, he plays in 10 videos giving useful suggestions to learn German, touching the most important topics of German grammar: the alphabet, words’ gender, greeting peoples, ask the time, the structuring of the sentences. Everything with a very funny touch.
    On this page there are 10 videos with a very easy introduction to German for beginner. Very basic tasks are touched, to learn ready-to-use phrases and some basic vocabulary.
    In general the content is quite thin, but the 2 video sections are useful for the people who want to improve understanding of the language.
  1. Duolingo
    good tips to learn german for freeIt is a free language learning platform to learn many languages, including German and Italian. It offers free apps for Android and iOS, plus a web platform. One of the strength of the platform is the way they present the learning activities like a game, including earned points, lives, and placing.
    It must be said that this gamification strategy works very well in the first period, but afterwards it loose appeal.
    The website offers also a translation service, this is not free and is the way the website finances itself.
  1. Deutsche Welle
    German lessons onlineThe Deutsche Welle is the official international broadcaster of Germany.
    It has free lessons to learn the language with grammar and exercises.
    Very useful is the video section, there are series of videos with different stories, such as the soap opera Jojo sucht das Glück, all videos have the corresponding transcription, exercises to verify the understanding of the spoken.
    I dedicated an entire post to the Deutsche Welle.

About the Author: Giulia/Julia Pulizzotto

Since quite a few years now I teach German and Italian in Munich. I’m fascinated by the new technologies, especially when they’re applied to practical things, like learning a new language.
Studio NaVivo is my project to teach German and Italian languages. Stay tuned!