One of the biggest pain for anyone learning German is the correct use of the dative and the accusative objects.

The reason of this big confusion is that it’s not so easy to say when you have to use one or you have to use the other, there are some guidelines of course, but they don’t works always, there are tons of exceptions, and exceptions to the exceptions.

Of course for us German mother tongue it’s easy we have just to bring to mind something some information we have in the cognitive domain, something we’ve learned when we were kids.

You, as adult, have to learn the use of dative and accusative in a complete different way, you need rules and you need practice, practice and practice.

That’s were a private teacher of German comes in help, if you want to know more about my offer have a look to my German lessons in Munich.

In the meanwhile you can practice with the exercise below.

[WATU 6]