This is one of my favorite website to learn German online.  The DW is the German broadcaster for international news. It is member of ARD, the German association of public broadcasters. It broadcast from satellite (in German, English, Spanish and Arabian), radio and Internet in 30 languages.

On the website there are plenty of resources to learn German, among the others:

  • Deutsche Interaktiv is an interactive online German course organized in 30 lessons to be studied on his own.The course covers all levels from A1 to B1 as defined by the  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The course offers excellent supporting material for the study of language, such as exercises, audio, synoptic panels and much more. As a complement to your German course is an ideal solution.
  • Mission Berlin is a course of 26 lessons with audio, transcription, audio exercises.
  • Radio D is very similar to the previous one but with a different story. It ahas also 26 lessons.
  • Audio Trainer is an audio-only course in 100 lessons to improve your basic vocabulary and German pronunciation. For levels A1 and A2.
  • A telenovela of few minutes per episode (about 5) in which the Brazilian Jojo is looking for his emotional workin way in Germany. The telenovela is called JoJo Sucht Das Glück (Jojo seeks happiness). There are subtitles, transcripts of the episode, test to see that you’understood the speech, an essential glossary, and exercises. Only criticism: the Brazilian Jojo speaks perfectly German!
  • Learn German with music? Is possible! For lovers of music, rap and hip-hop, there is EINSHOCH6. The series is intended for an intermediate level of German, B1-B2. Is a kind of itinerant diary of Munich’s musical band Einshoch6, there is a lot of German music with subtitles. In about 53 videos of about 4 minutes each, with a “modern” and understandable language… also with the help of subtitles. Each video is accompanied by a transcript, mp3 and interactive exercises.
  • On the homepage of the section Learn German is interesting the Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten (Newsroom/News pronounced slowly). It is just 10 minutes of a newscast in which the news are read slowly and chanting the words very well (perhaps a bit too slowly), there’s also the verbal transcription of what is read. The news today 21 May 2015 opens with the end of the strike by Machinists of the S-Bahn. And if you’re new in Germany, yes even in Germany people do strike!

That’s it about learning German online with the Deutsche Welle, I wish you good vision, good listening and especially good learning.

About the Author

I’m a teacher of German and Italian, passionate of languages and themes regarding languages. I’m graduated in Linguistic and manage this multi-language blog to help people who learn German. And I’m struggling to find new ways to teach German using new technologies, like Internet for example.