Why do you want to learn German? Do you really like this language or is it more a need to survive in Germany?
In the following, I want to give 5 good reasons why you should definitely think about learning it.

Learn for job reason

This is the most obvious because every year thousands of foreigners come to Germany to find a new job.
In some case, they can find a job they can get along with just talking English or their mother tongue. This is possible mostly in a technical position or in a very low-level position.

What do you think, is this a good situation?

At the beginning it might seem so, they are happy to have found a job, but in the long run, does not contribute to a good working atmosphere. For sure the worker who wants to get integrated into the company has to get along with lots of local colleagues, and speaking only one language can become a problem.
On the other side, many migrants don’t find a job immediately after they arrive in Germany, speaking German can make the difference between you and another candidate.

In addition, there is a statistic from 2014 that clearly shows how speaking it helps to have an average 20% higher salary. You can read more in my post about language test preparation course.

daily need to know German - write at work


Learning for social reasons

Coming here means not only to find a new job but also make new friends and be in a new social environment. If you are not able to speak German you will never be able to make local friends.
It is well known that Germans aren’t very open-hearted and talk less than people of other nationalities. Therefore it is very important to speak their language to get acquainted.

After you are able to speak it you might have a nice surprise in finding what honest and loyal friends Germans can be.

In addition to that, you will never be able to feel at home here, and you have no chance to get integrated into the society if you don’t speak the local language.

Learning for challenge reasons

It may not be valid for all, but a third point I want to mention is the challenge reason.

Not only German but any other foreign language can be taken as a personal challenge to be passed.

To learn a new language is never easy. Maybe German can be considered a difficult language because of its complex (or worst, lack of) rules, think about the articles or the declination of adjectives.

On the other side if you succeed to learn it you will feel really glad and satisfied with your achievements.

If this is what is driving you, then you might want to define a target, a good one is to take a German language test.

Want to know more?
Have a look at my page about German language test and preparation course.

Learning for cultural reasons

Learning a new language does not just mean to learn the vocabulary and the grammar but also the culture of the country.
Whereas the term culture refers not only to cultural and artistic products but also to more down-to-earth context: habits of the peoples.

Every good language course tells you how life is like in Germany.

How local people think, what they like to do in their free time, and in general what is their culture.

Going back to the highest meaning of the word culture, knowing the local language opens you the doors to a completely new world of, for example, great literature production: Goethe, the Brothers Grimm, Thomas Mann, Günther Grass.
And if you are not into culture, you can access the huge scientific production available in the fields of engineering, architecture, medicine and so on.

An example how German listening works | Studio NaVivo Munich

Learning for individual reasons

Either is one I already mentioned above or is a different one, I am sure that every one of you has his own motivation to learn it.
Maybe because you have a German friend to whom you finally want to talk in his language and not just in English.
Another good reason could be that you like the country and all related to it. Actually, this is a very motivating reason to learn a language: learn for passion.

It can also be a mix of an individual reason and one of the aforementioned reasons.


No matter for what reason you learn, the important is to do it with dedication and passion. Because these two things make your German learning much easier and faster.

On the author

My name is Giulia I’m a German language tutor with one passion and one commitment: teach you the German language. Read my blog, visit me for a free lesson, book a course I’ll do my best to let you speak this wonderful language.