Exercise level B2 – Konjunktionen

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In the basic courses A1 and A2 you’ve learned how to build simple sentences in German. Sure if you want to be fluent in German, as well as in any other language, you need to be able to connect single sentences using conjunctions. This a subject that is developed through all B1 and B2...

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A2 – Urlaubspläne

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Complementary to my German courses, for my students and all the others keen to learn German, there are in these pages a choice of test for all levels. If you have any question or comment at the end of the test feel free to leave a comment. If you think you need a refresh of your German memory and...

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Sprechstunde – level C2

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After successfully completing a German course level C2 the student: easily understand what he read and hear, including between the lines argumentation and ironic messages, is able to summarize the information he has gotten from verbal or written source in a coherent presentation of the...

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